Making copies of two paintings: "Beach at Valencia" and “Infanta Margaret”

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Mon, 10/20/2014 - 05:52 -- Poland

Pupils from the 5th grade made copies of two paintings. One group worked with Diego Velazquez’s painting “Infanta Margaret” as a study of a figure and the second group worked with Joacquin Sorolla’s "Beach at Valencia" as a study of light and colour in outdoor painting. First, pupils made large model of a figure and then they painted it with poster paints and pastels in order to give the characteristics of the figure: facial features, hands, hairstyle. With the variety of fabrics: tulle, velvets, brocade, lace and bows they made decorative robe which was later decorated with ornaments with sequins, buttons and colorful beads. Thanks to the ornaments they achieved characteristic of the Baroque, ornamental and rich attire.  The entire figure gives the impression of being extremely distinguished and haughty. The effect is reinforced by the classical, static pose of the Infanta. Making a copy of Sorolla’s painting, pupils made canvas first. They painted white cardboard with acrylic paints using hands. Thanks to this they achieved luminous contours imitating light on the sea shore, the colours of the sand and sea. Then, using collage technique and bandages, curtains, lace, jute canvas etc., they stuck elements of the painting presenting women washing and drying laundry on the sea shore. From the elements of old curtains and lace, pupils lined sails to boats flowing in the background.

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