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Sat, 01/11/2014 - 16:50 -- Hungary

In September we told our students in years 5-8 about the project in English lessons. We shared the tasks according to their age and knowledge. The 5th classes learnt the names of European countries and drew and coloured flags for the Comenius wall. The 6th classes collected their vocabulary about Art and examined the map of Europe and identified our partners on it. They also collected information about our hometown and found photos about their favourite places in Szolnok to show our guests in November. The 7th year learnt about Szolnok history. The oldest students studied Hungary and  the partner countries - State, Geography, History, Economy, Culture and famous people and sights - browsing the Internet then made a poster about them in small groups to put on the Comenius wall. Volunteers made PPT about Hungary to show our guests and illustrated and translated famous legends about Hungarian history into English.

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