Dissemination of the project in Szolnok

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Thu, 09/17/2015 - 17:17 -- Hungary

During the two years of the project the local newspaper ' Új Néplap' reported about our work five times: 22.11.2013., 28.02.2014., 20.06.2014., 27.02.2015. and 29.02.2015.  Moreover we made 5 different exhibitions on the Comenius wall.

At the end of the second year we collected the best works of all and used them to decorate the main corridor of the school in order that all the visitors, colleagues and children could see  them.

We wanted to represent our valuable work  also in front of the inhabitants of our city. The city's day 'SZOLNOK NAPJA' was a great occasion for this. On 29th August 2015 we spent a long afternoon in one of the tents for civil organisations. Our visitors could make scarecrows by Florian Kohut's inspiration and they also could try painting on templates with fingerprints, brushes or sponge. These pictures imitated Vasarely's and Feszty's paintings. A lot of people were interested in the albums about European art.

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